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Nintendo has a great tradition that when they release a console, they instantly start improving it. This is what happened with the Game Child Development. Just 3 months after the release of this console, Nintendo programmers began to produce a new console Video game Kid Advance SP. And also in February 2003, she appeared on store shelves.

In this review, we will tell you about the famous Video game Young boy Advancement SP console. This name of the console showed up virtually prior to its launch. And also before that it was called Game Child Development DX. In Nintendo, up until the last moment, they could not choose not just on the name, but even on the appearance of the console. If you consider Nintendo’s licenses, you can see a different design there, and not the one that appeared in the end.

Nearly all Nintendo gaming consoles are made from really wonderful materials. Real, in this situation there is one issue. The plastic of which the upper part of the console case is made is quickly damaged. Therefore, it is not likely that you will certainly discover a console in best problem. Even before the sale of the console, journalists started to complain that their Game Child Advancement SP was covered in scrapes. The just good idea is that there are still new cases to buy for each preference and color. As well as if suddenly the instance of your console is in a terrible state, after that you can buy a new one on Aliexpress. We offer a huge collection of cool emulator games download that are completely safe to use.

Game Young boy Breakthrough SP can run Video game Kid, Game Child Color and also Video game Young Boy Breakthrough video games.

The Game Kid Breakthrough SP is powered by a 600 mAh battery. Regardless of the variation of the console (AGS-001 or AGS-101), the exact same battery is utilized, which suggests that the AGS-001 version lasts longer, and the AGS-101 variation works less. A good result for the AGS-101 (given that you are playing with a flash cartridge, not the original cartridge) — it’s 5 hours of job. Consequently, AGS-001 benefits about 7 hours.

How to play on console?

Like the Video Game Young Boy Development, the Video Game Child Development SP has 3 conventional means to play video games:

  1. Initial Game Young Boy, Game Child Shade and also Game Boy Breakthrough cartridges.

These cartridges have 3 problems: they do not have the Russian language, they are costly, and also it is very tough to locate them. On Russian platforms for utilized products, the option is extremely poor, which means you will need to buy from abroad.

  1. Flash cartridges.

Flash cartridges are the most convenient way to play games on your Game Boy Advance. These are unique rewritable cartridges that sustain nearly all games. Besides some specific cartridges, which had a built-in gyroscope as well as light sensing unit.


Video Game Young Boy Advancement SP was additionally generated under the iQue brand name. In addition, they had their own minimal edition gaming consoles.

Do not fret, if you see the iQue logo design on the Game Boy Advancement SP, it’s an entirely original console. Additionally, it so took place, but in Russia it is these variants of gaming consoles that prevail, and also not with the Nintendo logo.


Of all the consoles in the Game Child Advancement family, the GBA SP is my preferred. The Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 version is a complete remedy for the video game: no need to worry about the battery and also screen backlight, purchase and play. Still, the distinction of 17 thousand for the Video game Kid Advance (with all mods and a flash cartridge) or 8 thousand for the Game Boy Development SP (acquiring just a flash cartridge) is extremely substantial.

Moreover, what is fascinating, as a result of the fact that several are not knowledgeable about the distinction in between the AGS-001 and AGS-101 versions, they are typically cost the same rate. But in no instance do deny the AGS-001 variation (only if you need a particular minimal version or intend to mount an IPS display in the console).