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In the Ur III months, the official is a portion of the creditor

>”ugu” — debits element of an account pill > >I am providing only a creditor might be finding staying >a product of this nature which “ugu” refers to repayments into membership >on borrower?

The official supplied much homes roughly of many animals so you can anyone, who following had to spend the money for state straight back.

My personal teacher on UCLA, Robert Englund, has specialized in Ur III accounting terminology. There is not much in publications, however, we performed make use of the following publication in the class:

Speakers of your Sumerian language coexisted to own a thousand age that have audio system out of 3rd millenium Akkadian dialects, therefore, the dialects had some impact on each other, nonetheless performs entirely in a different way. Having Sumerian, you may have an enthusiastic unchanging spoken sources to which you devote everywhere from to 8 prefixes, infixes, and you may suffixes and make a spoken strings. Akkadian feels like most other Semitic languages for the having a-root from about three consonants following inflecting or conjugating that supply with different vowels otherwise prefixes.

I must know how >to help you transliterate they to the English

>I’m trying discover what truthfully was told you in Sumerian towards >Voyager-step one space probe’s “wonderful list” having a story I’m creating. You could pay attention to it within > > > >But the written variation does gaydar work I can not appear to select. > >Questioning for individuals who could possibly help.

to be match, over, perfect; to be/ generate in good shape; to restore (always sensed Akk. loanword, options function ‘peace’ during the 18 regarding 21 Semitic dialects, but Sumerians put word in the allowed and options perhaps not inside the Orel Stolbova’s Hamito-Semitic Etymological Dictionary ; cf., sil 5 , ‘pleasure, joy’, + lum , ‘to grow luxuriantly’) .

Therefore, the Sumerian word silim is comparable to Hebrew shalom and you may Arabic salaam, and could become provider of these. The latest Sumerian buyers just who give the newest Ubaid community from the Close East starting around six,100 BC (calibrated) could have used this enjoy phrase.

>You will find, on the many occult other sites, see the latest point out that the pentagram >was used for the old Sumer once the an effective hieroglyph towards term UB, and for AR. >Exactly how legit is this claim?

> > >This post says good proverb who does roughly change so you’re able to “traveling are >difficult, although beer is really worth it.” Would you show-me what who does feel like?

Which is proverb dos.123 regarding the 2-volume collection by the Bendt Alster, referenced on the bibliography on my to the-line Sumerian lexicon.

Do you believe Needs they?

>John: I’m sure the majority of your current email address. Therefore do you believe it might be an effective >good notion to study Sumerian? To what We comprehend >on your own email address you are stating that I should exercise since an individual attention and you will >that it is unlikely I am able to build work off they correct? So why do you adore >it? What exactly do you get of it? Derek

I adore being able to have a look at brand new texts. I’ve corresponded which have scholars out-of Sumerian religion that do not understand words, who need believe in supplementary offer, and even though he’s practical anybody they have consequently they are not able to improve misconceptions for the reason that maybe not understanding the numerous meanings from Sumerian terms and conditions. Knowing the brand new Sumerian religion and you can people it helps to-be regularly the language. Everything i such as the very is actually and work out an experience of some one whom existed so long before using the vocabulary. As the i’ve instance a big corpus out of messages, we will fundamentally understand the Sumerians a lot better than we can the latest Egyptians and other ancient anybody. Along with, instead of the Atlanteans and other Modern says, brand new Sumerians was in fact actual. I learn about this new formal business and you can longevity of the fresh Sumerians as a result of its language. I simply additional another the means to access the brand new lexicon:

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